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Kenosha-Racine Worship Group of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

more commonly known as

Kenosha-Racine Friends Worship Group


Meeting for worship is held Sunday at 10 AM. There is a one hour sitting in silence followed by refreshments and fellowship.

picture of meeting place

Up-Coming Events and/or classes:

For up-coming events, please call: (262) 586 - 9245.

As we go into the new century with a sense of anticipation and hope for creating a better world, it seems appropriate to begin a new Quaker Worship Group in the Kenosha-Racine area. Friend's testimonies of Peace, Simplicity, and the pursuit of the Light Within speak to the essential elements needed in this new century. Please join us in this sharing and in the work of our spirits.

Up, then, noble soul. Put on thy jumping shoes which are love and intuition. Overleap the worship of thy mental powers and leap into the heart of God! -- Meister Eckert

Directions| Religious Society of Friends Home Page

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For more information please call: (262) 586-9245.